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Lady Nora - Nipple Game and enslaved for life!

Part 2/11 from full clip!I check his nipple clamps to make sure they fit well. I like his style of dress when he visits me. My slave knows a thing or two about being appropriately dressed, but I still love to change little things. Like now, for instance. I gently tap the clamps on his sensitive nipples with the crop and play with his nervousness. My slave knows me well and knows it's only a lightning-fast tap away before I painfully knock off the first nipple clamp. I could play this little mind game with his uncertainty and the intense pain on his nipples for hours! Can he stand it? I play it safe and make him sign his enslavement to me. Valid for life!


Hits in his fat face!
That's how powerless he is!
Count the beats, slave!
Painful whipping for the slave