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Last update: 2022-08-07
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Slave ass punishment!

The slave is under observation. Lady Luciana pays close attention to how he takes off his clothes and puts them neatly to the side. She corrects him and hits him with the crop to spur him on to try harder. Finally he crouches on the floor, dressed only in his underwear, and Lady Luciana starts with the slave punishment. She take a long swing and whips his ass hard, stroke after stroke. The slave tries to keep the pain at bay. However he does not succeed very well and Lady Luciana keeps on hitting...

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Striking test for the slave newcomer

The slave is in good hands with Mistress Zora as she introduces him to his future as a spanking slave. First she shows him her beating tools and tests them out one after the other on his oustretched. How much will the slave have to take? How many blows can he take for his mistress in total?! He tries hard, but he can't hide his cold sweat from Mistress Zora. She works his slave ass, hitting him harder and harder. Mistress Zora makes a good whipping slave out of him!

The most favourite HotSpankingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Spankings for the cleaning slave

Queen Hanna can't watch her slave's attempts to clean the floor any longer. His efforts is miserable, so she spurs the loser to do a better job. She beats him with the crop and motivates him to clean the floor even more thoroughly with his tongue and hands. Some slaps won't hurt him - it's the way he will finally become a good cleaning slave!

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