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Last update: 2020-01-06
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Rating: 0.00

Punishment for the slave

The slave has been discovered snooping around in her mistress' things. She is arrested and placed in handcuffs by Mistress Roxana. Now bend over the stool! Mistress Roxana begins her punishment and hits the slave again and again with the flogger across her ass and back. She must endure the punishment and she only has herself to blame.

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Assya Blonde

Rating: 10.00

Beat after beat until the back is bright red!

Lady Assya Blonde hates this stupid slave and gives him painful blows with her crop. She reaches far back before striking his ass and back hard. It's cracks extremely loudly against his skin! She then puts her foot on his back and drills her pointed high heel deep into his flesh. The slave grimaces with pain. That's exactly what Lady Assya Blonde wants and that's why she keeps hitting him!

The most favourite HotSpankingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

The leather whip rains down on him!

Mistress Anfisa swings the whip with the thick leather straps. She positions the slave exactly the way she needs him to be able to spank his ass properly. She doesn't want to hear any noise from him, no matter how hard she hits his ass... She reaches out and the leather whip slams down on him. The slave tries to suppress his pain but Mistress Anfisa doesn't stop and strikes even harder and harder, over and over again!

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