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Last update: 2020-11-20
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Goddess Yasemin's Sissy

Strict Goddess Yasemin calls her sissy to her. Was she diligent and earn money for her mistress? The answer is pathetic and deserves a hard punishment with the crop. Goddess Yasemin slaps her no-good sissy bitch on the ass to teach her a lesson. To get fucked and return to the mistress without money cannot be surpassed for its stupidity. The sissy has to pay for this now...

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Rating: 10.00

He needs it rough - he gets it rough!

A small tap is not enough for this slave. He needs it really rough to be able to get out of himself. Mistress Anfisa starts very easy at first and then increases the power of her lashes to the pig slave. The whip hisses through the air and hits the slave harder and harder, again and again, on the same spot. She simply cannot be more cruel! Finally the slave let's go and can't hide his pain anymore. Now Mistress Anfisa has even more fun. Only when she can clearly see his pain is she satisfied.. To see the whip marks on his body is pure joy for her!

The most favourite HotSpankingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

You are ordered to lick!

Bratty Jenny-Nina puts her slave under pressure. You won't become a good slave if you can't endure that! He has to lick her boots clean as proof of his ability. She holds him on a dog leash and beats him with a whip. Come on! Show what you can do! The slave desperately tries to please her. He licks her boots and takes her whip lashes. You have been ordered to lick, so you better do it properly, slave!

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