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Rating: 10.00

Hellish pain and 3x intense foot stench for the slave!

I, Lady Nora, bring a useless slave to my meeting with Queen Hanna and Mistress Janee. A small sacrifice which we can let suffer wonderfully. Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna like my idea and start to beat him with a crop, baton and paddle while I immobilize him. Now our slave victim lies bent over two small stools and is firmly stuck to them. He's not getting away from us anymore! We take advantage of his hopeless situation and press our sweaty feet onto his nose. Now he must not only suffer pain, but also inhale our infernal foot stench!


Hanna & Jane
Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - Delay results in punishment
Hanna & Jane
Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - Mean beatings dice game
Princess Serena - Punishment with whip, rope and belt!
Accepting hits and licking boots!