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Last update: 2017-03-19
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Rating: 3.00

Faceslaps hail hard on him

Such an insane, stupid bastard! He dared to tell his wife about our relationship! But I won't overindulge him, that's for sure. So I slap his ugly, lying face without a sign of mercy. He tries to get out of the woods and tells me something about excuses, although it's clearly his own fault because he hasn't deleted the messages on his phone. I'm done with this abject sissy and make him feel my rage. He shall enjoy the last time I'm beating him, 'cause afterwards I'll quit with this loser. But first, let the slaps hail into his face! My faceslaps are hitting him so hard, that it already starts to echo from the surrounding walls!

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Rating: 10.00

Blonde spanking girl

Denise's not a person to be trifled with Denise really humiliates this loser. He has to kneel down with his chest naked and bend over the armchair - this way Denise can spank him well. Again and again she hits his back and his ass with her whip. Sometimes she also sits down on him and verbally degrades him as well.

The most favourite HotSpankingGirls.com Update

Angelina M

Rating: 10.00

Beaten by Angelina

Today Angelina delivers a hard beating to her slave's butt. He's punished for being a man - that's well enough reason for her to punish him. Angelina may look sweet and innocent - but she damn well knows her power over men and loves to live out her dominant fantasies. He also has to thank her for getting a beating by kissing her boots - the boot soles too, of course!

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