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Last update: 2018-02-15
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Rating: 4.00

Some punches for my slave stool

The slave knees right in front of me and has to serve me as a human foot stool. But this is not enough - I want more! I want to punch him really hard - and so I just start to do it! Therefore I brought a small whip with me. It is perfectly made to hit his slave butt with it! It is so much fun to see his painful reaction when the whip hits him! Wow, this is really great! I really start to like this human slave stool...!

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Rating: 10.00

Spanking for his existence

His existence alone is a reason to punish him brutally. Finally his stupid, despicable being annoys me everytime I see him! Thats why I love to spank him and beat his legs with my brutal puncher. I also give him merciless and loud slaps in the face and he can't even defend himself after I've tied him to the stool. He doesn't even dare and that's okay, so I continue beating this stupid shitface!

The most favourite HotSpankingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Blonde spanking girl

Denise's not a person to be trifled with Denise really humiliates this loser. He has to kneel down with his chest naked and bend over the armchair - this way Denise can spank him well. Again and again she hits his back and his ass with her whip. Sometimes she also sits down on him and verbally degrades him as well.

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