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Last update: 2015-08-04
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Whipping mistress Natalia

Rating: 0.00

Natalia hits him fifty times!

Today this loser will be punished by Natalia! He lies with his naked upper body at the ground - and will badly suffer soon! Mistress Natalia starts to slowly stroke the whip at his back. But then the grace period is over - and she starts to hit him with full power! She changes her technique so it is always a big surprise for the slave when the next hit will land at his body! And there will be lot of them...!

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Mistress Anina

Rating: 10.00

Anina beats her slave!

Anina locked in her submissive slave and will now show him his destination! She pulls off her sweaty, long laquer gloves and reaches out her stinky, wet hands into his face. But that's not enough... He gets a nice slap for his disgusted expression!

The most favourite HotSpankingGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Cora's alter ego!

Wearing her sexy lingerie, Cora wears this loser out! Usually he thinks she's hot and now he gets to know her from a differend point of view! Cora can be brutal either... she tied him up and batters him!

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