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Rating: 10.00

Whips and batons - which will finish him first?

How will the encounter with Mistress Anfisa end for the slave? Will he be happy and satisfied afterwards or will he only be able to crawl home on all fours, howling and whining? One thing is certain - Mistress Anfisa is planning something bad for him! To begin, she tapes his slave's mouth shut, so that he won't be able to scream at. The slave is a little wimp but he's just going to have to deal with it! Mistress Anfisa tests different whips and batons on his useless slave body. Which of these torture tools will drive him crazy the most? Take a look at how the slave is managing with Mistress Anfisa because YOU might soon be her next victim!


What is this loser good for at all?
Knocks for his foolishness!
This guys is completely powerless!
Hard hits for stupid people