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Rating: 7.50

Whipping of the extra class

The slave must kiss and worship the feet of his goddess Vanny, but he isn't doing his job her satisfaction! She gives him a few stinging blows with the crop to bring him to his senses. The stupid slave needs a proper brainwashing and this works is best achieved with cracking whip lashes. Goddess Vanny strikes out and lets the whip whistle through the air before it hits his useless slave body. Even after that he still doesn't show himself to be more willing to learn, so an even harsher whipping follows. Goddess Vanny is furious and shows the slave where his stupid behaviour gets him...


Sue S
Slave-pussy collects hits
Faceslapping punishment
Slaps and shoes in the face!
Debby & Ivy
Beaten by two Afrogirls