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Rating: 9.00

Slave education shared by Princess Serena and Lady Nora

Princess Serena sits with her sexy ass on the slave's face. She is unhappy with him and his incompetent way of serving. She is annoyed and asks me if the slave was also so disobedient with me. I can only confirm this, to his sorrow. Princess Serena suggests that we should teach him obedience together in our own very special way. I like her idea - and I jump right in! Now the slave is taken into interrogation and punished with blows to him become really submissive. I know no mercy and when it comes to beating, the slave the slave his been dealt quite a bad hand. I show him how to behave around the Boss Girls and, together with Princess Serena, teach him to become a better slave.


Loud clips round the ears with naked feet
What is this loser good for at all?
Knocks for his foolishness!
This guys is completely powerless!