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Rating: 7.50

Mistress Roxana beats the bitch's ass!

Disobedience will be punished! This little bitch gets her ass spanked by Mistress Roxana because she didn't want to obey her. She should have thought about her behaviour beforehand, because there was never any question of disobedience if this little bitch is truly Mistress Roxana's property. She can do whatever she wants with her at any time! So pants down - the little bitch gets some strong blows to her ass! See how red it is? Do you hear the smacks and how she screams? Mistress Roxana teaches her obedience and keeps on beating her with her hand on her bright red ass. Who is your mistress now?!


Assya Blonde
Cane hits for his back
Goddess Vanny gives the slave punches and kicks
Whips and batons - which will finish him first?
Every hit makes the slave more horny!