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Rating: 8.00

Load test for his slave face

Queen Hanna stands on the slave and smacks his face loudly with the sole of her foot. Together with Mistress Jane she wants to find out how resilient this slave is. Is he a pussy or a loser who can't stand anything? Either way, he can't win with these two ladies! After some strong blows from the bare sole of Queen Hanna, Mistress Jane steps in and gives him a good kick to the face. He should suffer and thank the ladies for it! Mistress Jane gives him a few slaps to the face, smacking it loudly. His ears are ringing - how long can the slave hold out?!


Hits for losers!
April & Lilu
She didn't change anything for him!
Yvonne just thinks he's shitty!
Bound and helpless - hard slaps