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Rating: 8.00

Line up for the slave dog interrogation!

Bad luck for the stupid slave dog that he's been placed with these two Mistresses, because Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane will now teach him discipline and order! He has to answer under interrogation as to how he became the slave dog he is now. However, he cannot because he is muzzled so is punished with a violent whipping from the Mistresses. The two run in a circle around him and beat him again and again with their whips across his back and ass. They crack loudly and the slave dog cowers. The Mistresses then make themselves comfortable and use the dog as a foot rest. Nevertheless, they continue to beat his ass, but decide to let the slave dog smell their stinking feet. Slave dogs have a well developed sense of smell... right?!


Mistress Roxana beats the bitch's ass!
C'mon, loser!
Slave used as an entertainment object
Mercedes Part 2