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Lick her jeans trousers

Today Mistress Mercedes has come up with something special for her servant. For this purpose she has brought a jeans trousers with her. It's her working jeans, and of course it doesn't necessarily get washed and cleaned every day. Mercedes is spitting at her jeans, exactly at the place where her ass normally sits tight inside the trousers. And what is now demanded of her faithful servant? Exactly - he has to lick the spittle from the jeans. All the time she is slapping his face to get him to hurry up. He is a worthless nothing, and so he will lick the dirt from her jeans ass while being slapped again and again. That's the way it is!


Sara Surprisink
Slaps because of inactivity
Anna B.
Spanked his ass
Anna B.
Spanking punishment for the slave
He earned it!