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Rating: 10.00

How many punishment punches does the slave get?

The shine of her sexy high heels shall be preserved. Mistress Zora therefore orders the slave to lick them clean. The slave will lick her high heels until they have their original gloss once again. But does the slave succeed? If he can't live up to the reward of getting to lick her high heels clean Mistress Zora will punish him hard. The crop is held ready to beat him and waits for hom to make the smallest error.There it is! Well punishment must be done, Mistress Zora reaches out and strikes the slave. The crop hisses through the air and cracks against his slave's ass. This is so much fun for Mistress Zora!


Fifty slaps for that loser!
Face slapped while under pressure
Jenny-Nina has high expectation!
Anna B. & Mia B.
Slap mah bitch up!