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Rating: 10.00

Hard punches are his punishment!

What does this slave think he's doing?! First he arrives far too late and then he provokes Mistress Anfisa with his poor manners as well. Well, it's his own fault that he is now being punished for it! She knows no mercy and takes a long crop into her hands. With it she beats his slave's ass loud and hard. Mistress Anfisa teaches him manners! Now, after some hard whip strokes, she changes her educational tool. She decides to use a cane that will instill fear! She uses it to hit him with one thwack on his ass after another. She stretches out far and wide to make it hiss loudly through the room until the cane hits the slave's ass very hard. The slave has no choice but to grit his teeth and get through it!


Hard hits for his mud!
Kallisti beats his face more beautiful
Zara's slave has to suck her socks
Hanna & Jane
Where will the next punch land?