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Rating: 10.00

Hard face slapping concert!

The slave wants to be punished, doesn't he? Why else would he disobey the rules again and again? Mistress Anfisa understands this, because he's taking a risk - this punishment is nothing to laugh about! It will not be a pleasurable for him, it will be real agony! Mistress Anfisa reaches out and gives the slave a slap. It smacks loudly and the slave looks completely startled. Shut the fuck up, slave! Now it becomes really harsh. That was only the warm-up phase... Mistress Anfisa now gives him a slap concert like he has never experienced before in his life!


Hits for losers!
April & Lilu
She didn't change anything for him!
Yvonne just thinks he's shitty!
Bound and helpless - hard slaps