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Goddess Yasemin beats the foot slave!

Can the slave sincerely worship the feet and high heels of Goddess Yasemin? That's exactly what the mistress wants to find out now. She puts her slave in a difficult position. In his thoughts, the slave has worshipped the feet of his mistress for a long time, but how can he express that now?! Overwhelmed with his situation, he does everything wrong, much to the displeasure of Goddess Yasemin! She reaches for something to hit him with and punishes the slave for his inability to correctly worship her feet and shoes. That's what he gets! Goddess Yasemin hits him first for punishment, then to motivate him and then basically because she enjoys it so much!


Jorita slaps his face!
Mara's not going easy on her slave!
Annabell J
Annabel punishes this Loser
Anna B. & Mia B.
Slap mah bitch up!