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Slappings into his shitface

Sometimes less is simply more. In that case, it refers to the fact that I avoid speaking much to my slave, because I don't wanna hear his answers. I don't wanna hear any word from him! He just has to keep his mouth shut while I tie him to the table. I ban his eyes from me and everytime he breaks the rule and looks at me, I slap his face dramatically. He learns quickly to look down, but it's so much fun that I start slapping his face even when he's behaving like a well educated, stupid skunk. At last I want him to lick the soles of my boots clean... I'm curious if he's able to satisfy me!


Clean up that riding boots, or otherwise I'll slap you!
Anna & Kathy
4 Hands - 1 Face
Beaten with a paddle!
Angy Angel
Knocks for this motherfucker!